Do you have your favorite ginger cake recipe? If you don’t, then you definitely need to try this one!  It’s one of my favorite comfort foods that I like to prepare it in the fall or winter mainly because of the fantastic sweet and spicy taste enhanced by the combination of golden syrup and ginger. It’s moist, dense and topped off with lemon icing – the whole combo will send your taste buds straight to heaven.

Ginger cake recipe à la Vanu-what?

When I was working in an orchard in New Zealand, I had the chance to meet some guys from a small archipelago called Vanuatu who come to New Zealand for a seasonal work. Their amazing home which is absolutely worth visiting is located the Pacific between Fiji and New Caledonia. Are you Googling it yet? 🙂

Since we all lived under one roof, we got to learn from each other a lot – we shared our different points of view, religions, jokes, and life stories. And one day, they taught me how to make a ginger cake. I am pretty sure that they got the recipe from their cooking classes they had attended in the sweet Kiwiland; even though the recipe is not originally from Vanuatu, I like to call it that way anyways.

Precious ingredient – Golden Syrup

One of the main ingredients that you must not omit is golden syrup which transforms the cake batter during baking into this luscious moist dense cake. If you live in North America, you can easily get golden syrup in your local store. Other countries may not be that lucky… Also, when one does finally find golden syrup in a specialized shop, it costs a fortune! So if you have some spare time, you can make your own easy foolproof golden syrup at home.

Variations of the recipe

I have changed the original ginger cake recipe I was given a little to give it a bit of a zing. Another great ingredient that I added to the original recipe is roasted almonds. They’re a perfect choice for this recipe since ginger and almonds form a great duo! However, even if you don’t use them, the outcome will be delicious.

I realize that this cake is packed with sugar; if it bothers you, decrease the amount of brown sugar and golden syrup a bit, and add a splash of milk instead. And if you’re not a big fan of icing which also contains a lot of sugar, replace it by cheese cream to frost the cake with instead.

Please remember that if you have some ground ginger that’s been sitting on your spice rack for a while, you might need to add to the batter more than 3 tablespoons of it. On the other hand, your freshly opened pack of dry ginger might be really strong so add it slowly and don’t forget to taste the batter – it should be a bit spicier than desired since some flavor will get lost while baking.

All righty, put your aprons on and let’s bake ourselves a cake! 🙂

ginger cake recipe

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How did your cake turn out? Let me know in the comment section if you enjoyed it or not. 😉