This is one of the details that I really like about India. Even in a small simple dhaba, you will be offered sugarcoated fennel seeds once you’ve finished your meal. Your first impression which this flashy green heap of sweet tiny balls will create in you will be a conundrum mixed with a feeling of suspicion whether to put this poisonous-color looking thing in your mouth or not.

To be completely honest with you, the fennel seeds that I tried for the very first time tasted like soap. After that experience, I refused to touch them for a very long time. However, I believe that everyone and everything deserves a second (and third, fourth, fifth…) chance so I gave them another try some months later and I couldn’t believe my taste buds!

Sugarcoated fennel seeds

Since I totally fell for this confectionery, I used a trial and error approach to make it at home. The recipe I’m sharing here with you is neither sophisticated nor it is a rocket science, but its simplicity and fast preparation will impress you!

The great thing about this little treat is that not only can you munch on it after meal, but you can also sprinkle it over your oatmeal, salads, and yogurt, hence giving your favorite meals a new taste dimension!

Why sugarcoated fennel seeds?

So why do the Indians eat a spoon or two of fennel seeds after meal? Well, some of you (and especially moms) know that fennel seeds are great for digestion as well as relieving gas and bloating. Now imagine having an ordinary lunch in India consisting of greasy curry and dal (legumes) accompanied by a big heap of rice and a couple of chapatti (unleavened flatbread). You may flush everything down with a glass of delicious mango lassi (sweet yogurt-based drink) or a cup of sweet & spicy masala chai. You can be sure that after a feast like this, you will welcome any digestive supplement with your arms wide open! And by the way, fennel seeds also serve as a mouth freshener!

You’ll fall in love with the simplicity of this recipe

What I love about this recipe the most is how easy and quick it is to make. As I’ve already mentioned, you can also add it to your other favorite meals.

Personally, I haven’t been able to try it yet, but… I’m sure that you can also sugarcoat anise instead of fennel seeds or make a combination of both. Living in the Himalayas has many pros but also cons; I can’t get any anise seeds here so I leave the experiment up to you, guys! Let me know in the comments below how it worked! 😉

Enough of talking now, let’s make sugarcoated fennel seeds!

fennel seeds

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