• Losar

    Even though “our” New Year is far gone, the Tibetans all around the world celebrate their New Year called Losar in these days (February 27, 2017). If your life is reined by the Tibetan lunar calendar, welcome to 2144, the year of fire rooster! Losar starts on the first day of the lunar calendar and […]

  • Varanasi

    My recent pilgrimage that I like to call In the Buddha’s footsteps wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Varanasi, a small town situated in the second poorest state of India, Bihar. I took a bus from Bodhgaya with this crazy idea that I’ll open my eyes in the morning in another holy place where the […]

  • Bodhgaya

    Those who are interested in Buddhism might know that one of the biggest tantric initiations took place in January. The event I’m talking about is called Kalachakra (“The Wheel of Time”) and consists of almost two weeks of prayers, rituals, teachings and empowerments. The teachings and empowerments were given by no one else than His Holiness […]

  • India

    Lately, I have come across many people who intend to travel around India and their backpack is full of questions – what shall I do so that I don’t spend the whole time in the toilet? Do I need to be vaccinated? Is the country safe? It is funny but tourists who visit India usually […]

  • Kazakhstan

    Every year, we all carefully plan where we want to go on a vacation. Most of us want to enjoy the sun and sea so we choose one of the Mediterranean countries whereas those more fortunate get to visit exotic places (and brag about it on social media with the only aim in mind to […]

  • Kazakh

    If you think that you can arrive in Kazakhstan and play your trip by ear – just like in the Southeast Asia -then you’re terribly wrong. Even though the country has many things to offer, well-organized tourism isn’t one of them. Therefore, you really need to carefully plan ahead. And you won’t regret it: untainted […]

  • essentials

    In the first part of my article about India you got to know the essentials about what to eat in India, how to deal with different kinds of transportation, whether to get vaccinated before your departure and many more. This article aims at important lessons about Indian culture, tips about what to wear and how […]



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